Northern saga of woolsocks 1

One morning I was standing in the dark
of northern Lapland. I watched star flights
in the sky. I had been thinking about writing
a new sock book. I wanted something
significant about it. I would like a book that
would be handed down from generation
to generation, like the sagas and stories
of the north.
This is how the book series Northern
Sock Saga was born.
You will find 20 sock patterns
in this first part.
Let's enjoy this wonderful hobby together. 

Including models: Castle festivitiess, Under the waves, Shades of greys, Biathlons, Happy skeletons, Happy cowlings, Black woodpeckers, Whisper of springs, Rosess, Froglings, Tree of heartss, Icylaces, Valentines, Poppy of dreamss, Rhythms, Farm cows, Farm piggies, Farm bulls, Farm turkeys and Horse power. 


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ISBN-13: 9789528021759

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Julkaistu: 27.02.2020

Kieli: englanti

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